Education, Prevention and Awareness …"Making a Difference" is the BOOST training program that is designed by professionals for professionals.  At 360STAND, we support and utilize the teachings of the “Making a Difference” training program as the cornerstone of our community training.  The program is designed and focused to all those who provide services, supervision, and support to children.

 Topics covered include:

  • defining and identifying child abuse;
  • legal and moral responsibilities with respect to reporting suspicions of child abuse and children exposed to family violence;
  • responding to disclosures;
  • how to report suspicions of child abuse, including strategies that assist in overcoming fears of reporting;
  • how to document suspicions of abuse;
  • the system’s response; and
  • how to maintain the client relationship when a report to child protection authorities has been made.

Our workshops will assist in policy and procedure development for your organization.  Workshop curriculum is designed to meet the needs of those participating.  Workshop sessions vary from 2 hours to full day sessions.