​​About Us


We are 360STAND. Our commitment is to advance Prevention and Education initiatives that will eradicate abuse and violence in the lives of children, youth and their families. We are gathered together in the belief that all children and youth have the right to grow up in a safe environment... in a healthy and nurturing environment. We are committed to working with child-serving organizations by providing advice, advocacy and education. Every organization should have an audacious goal: ours
is to absolutely eliminate child and
youth abuse.


LEADERSHIP:  We are a continuous learning

organization.  We strive to ensure our

practices are based on current, timely and relevant research.  We will create a crime prevention and  educational environment that best serves our target populations.  

INTEGRITY:  We are committed to professional and moral integrity.  Children and their safety needs are our first priority.  Our decision-making processes will always consider our children and the child-serving organizations.

COMMITMENT:  We are committed to providing the latest crime prevention and educational knowledge.  We will assist child-serving organizations in providing the safest and most nurturing environment possible.  We are passionate about our work and the community we serve.
TRUST AND RESPECT:  We value a trusting relationship with the child-serving organizations and the community we serve …our community partners.  We respect equally the value of human life, diversity and equality; human rights and freedoms; and the Rule of the Law.  Respect is not a value that is selectively applied.  Children – and all those who are responsible for their personal safety – deserve our trust and respect.